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The ragdoll-bodied,elegant,muscular,long cat.One of the largest known cat breed.In general,late muturing and final body size is usually attained at the age of four.His chest full,short neck and powerful.Rear legs is much thicker and longer than the front.Medium-lenght legs,bones are heavy,large,round toes of the paws were hanging tufts of hair.The shaggy should be proportional to the rest of the body.


The head is large and moderately wedge-shaped.The face well developed,the shin is strong.The medium-sized ears are wide apart,with rounded ends.The nose is slightly curved.The eyes are large and oval.All the ragdoll with blue eyes.


The semi-long silky hair and tightly attached to the body.The coat is longer on the neck and tail britches.


Normally the ragdoll's fur does not require too much care,as silky and not prone to tangling.Although bruch only once a week,when,changing hair does not hurt to repeat this procedure every day.


The Ragdoll calm animals need great love.Compared to other cats administrator for adhering to the maximum.They escorted them everywhere,even to play with the children patiently to bear and not scratches.Five can be taught.The most loving and gentle eat-known varieties.Most of them are excellent nature.Open and I trust in the people,even strangers as well.The Ragdoll they love human companionship,but get along well with other cats,dogs and children as well.Stable feel confortable in noisy environments.They do not puch themselves to the fore and largely peaceful and calm,although it may be particularly active and playful,if the want to have.It's easy to teach them to walk on leash.


The Ragdoll kittens in white borns.Only later,after at least 10 days,gradually appear on them in the designs and colors.

The Ragdolls is bred in three pattern:

  • COLOR POINT:(also called siamese pattern)of light-colored body,tail,legs,mask,nose and ears dark hue.

  • MITTE an:(socke/slipper)a transition point between the color and bicolor.The paws and chin are white,and the white model runs without interruption start from a lower part of the body,down to the root of the tail.The rest of the body,the nose is colored.Permitted in the middle of a patch of white stretching blase,it will be the nose is pink.

  • BICOLOR:of the abdomen,chest,legs and feet completely white and a distinctive muzzle visible,forming an inverted V letter white markings.They've allowed yourself to white markings on the back as well.The nose is still pink.

​It is almost impossible to determine in advanse the white color arragement,so in many cases wrong color catling are born,which are halfway between the sock and the color point or a a sock and bicolor.

The Ragdoll breed adopted in six colors:

  • SEAL(seal brown)

  • BLUE

  • LILAC(purple)


  • RED


​There are also special variant which are the above patterns and colors additionally connected:TORTIE(tortoiseshell),LYNX/TABBY,TORBIE,MINK,SEPIA